Our company develops its own Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) devices and undertakes bespoke development work.

Some products are only available to Five-Eyes Government users.


By utilizing our experience of attacking covertly and working closely with government technical counter measures teams, we developed Lockhart TSCM, the heart of our TSCM equipment.

Our innovative Lockhart TSCM kit is a complete TSCM sweep system with a user-friendly interface that minimises training and operation time.


Mobile Protection Box (MPB)

The range of Mobile Protection Boxes protects private conversations from unwanted eavesdropping through mobile phone handsets.

When placed in the MPB all mobile phone microphones are rendered inoperable while allowing the phone’s ringtone to still be heard if desired so you will never miss a call.

A test device also exists to ensure complete confidence in the protection of your meeting audio.



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