Komcept Solutions Ltd. has extensive experience in security and is very familiar with the user requirements for Lawful Interception of communications.

The company provides Law Enforcement Agencies with hardware and software solutions for both voice and data interception.

KSL is able to provide complete solutions from network access to data through to recording, transcription, analysis and geographical mapping.

With systems around the world ranging from small single-recorder installations to large evidential multisite monitoring systems, the modular architecture caters for all, with easy future expansion options.

A sophisticated range of satellite monitoring systems complements those for cellular and fixed-line systems, with training and full turnkey services available.

Monitoring Thuraya, Inmarsat and satellite phone communications brings a wealth of intelligence in the fight against crime and terrorism.

Array of satellite dishes pointing towards the sky.

Satellite Comms

Komcept Solutions recorders give you full-fidelity audio reproduction of voice, fax, and data transmitted over the telecommunications network.

Graphical interfaces and optional processing tools provide you with a complete armoury for telephone interception using individual modules to scale your system for your needs and price, and allowing it to be built upon over time. Komcept Solutions Ltd, will offer interception and Monitoring solutions to genuine Government customers and their approved agents.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Signals Intelligence

In many parts of the world with poor or no cellular coverage, or where criminals and terrorists avoid cellular use for the fear of interception by the authorities, they make use of satellite communication networks.

Komcept Solutions Ltd will offer interception and monitoring solutions to bona fide Government customers and their approved agents.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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