Mobile Protection Box

Our range of portable Mobile Protection Boxes provides an effective electronic solution to the problem of having mobile phones in sensitive areas that may be unknowingly transmitting or recording speech.

Specifically designed to provide inexpensive speech protection from threats posed by mobile phones in secure areas or meeting rooms.

The MPB range recognises that we need our mobile phones to keep in touch but that these can also provide a serious security risk.

These boxes house a proprietary protection device that inhibits the microphones within mobile phones without affecting the handsets’ ability to receive phone calls, text messages, emails etc..

In operation it is silent to the user; it has a safe working level without damaging the mobile handsets. They are effective on the latest mobile phones that have quality-in-built microphones.

The range of Mobile Protection Boxes protects private conversations from unwanted eavesdropping through mobile phone handsets.

When placed in the MPB all mobile phone microphones are rendered inoperable while allowing the phone’s ringtone to still be heard if desired so you will never miss a call.

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MBP Promotion Mobile Protection Box

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Maximum number of phones accommodated & protected 4 10
Mains PSU included Yes Yes
Rechargeable internal battery Yes Yes
Number charging sockets 2 10
Always-on mode Yes Yes
Voice-triggered mode (extends battery life) Yes No
‘Protecting’ indicators visible on outside of unit Yes Yes
Battery depleted alarm No Yes
USB charging leads supplied 1 2
UVC Germicidal option No Yes
External dimensions 27 x 17 x 14 cm 37 x 29 x 13 cm
Weight 1.4 Kg 2.35 Kg

These are only available for sale to Five Eyes, List X, and UK CNI. 

Mobile Protection Box Test Device (MPB-T)


MPB-T are new test devices which are available to provide electronic verification for user-confidence that each MPB is fully functional.

These are used by in-house Red Teams to ensure all deployed devices are working as they should through periodic testing.

Use of these devices in-house will replace the need to return to your supplier, giving a better ROI.


The MPB-T works the same way in both boxes.

The device works by placing the MPB-T in an MPB as shown, displaying one multi-coloured LED for each emitter. Whilst checking each emitter a blue LED will illuminate until signal is detected, which then switches to green upon successful functioning.

Once complete there should be green LEDs giving the user full confidence that their MPB is working as it should.

If one or more blue indicators are consistently shown it could mean the MPB has been damaged or is impaired and needs to be returned to KSL for investigation.


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