Searching under vehicles is a necessity for protecting against the threat of maliciously planted tracking systems, and commonplace in preventing bombs being smuggled into public buildings.

The Under Vehicle Search Camera gives a high-resolution view of the underside of the vehicle. It has a wheeled platform and telescopic pole with soft-grip handle for best manual-handling practice.

The 7” display has a sun-protective visor for use outdoors, and tilts for the operator’s viewing preference. The 5MP Sony CMOS camera features an ultra-low light sensitivity of 0.08Lux, with 3.6mm lens viewing angle of 120°. A press of a button switches on 16 high-intensity white LEDs surrounding the camera, to provide an additional bright light source for inspecting in the dark.
With an internal micro-SD card the footage from the camera may be recorded as 1080P video or snapshots. This supports its use as a training aid to be sure operators are conducting searches thoroughly.
Both camera and display are powered from a single rechargeable battery which will last up to seven hours, and utilising the auto-standby function should keep it in use the whole day.

Gooseneck inspection Camera

The Gooseneck Inspection Camera comprises a camera on he end of a 30cm flexible head, mounted on the end of a 2m telescopic pole. A 7” HD display with recording capabilities enables the camera image to be clearly displayed to the operator.
Useful for inspecting inside ceiling voids, behind objects or inside vehicles in areas difficult to reach.

What’s included in the box?

● Under Vehicle Search Camera, wheeled platform with 2m telescopic pole
● Gooseneck camera
● 2 x 7” rechargable display & HD recording system
● 2 x 64GB microSD cards
● Rugged waterproof case
● Instruction booklet


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