Through one of our specialised courses, we help develop personnel for the ever-demanding  needs of security and intelligence organisations worldwide.

With decaces of experience we are ideally suited to train your staff and teach new capabilities to your teams.  We have the ability to run training courses on-site, off-site, and remotely with a variety of staff members. As well as this we can provide long term mentoring.

If you need help deciding which is the course for you or your staff, or want to discuss your requirements, please Contact Us for information.

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Upcoming Courses

Introduction to TSCM 

This is a basic TSCM course using KSL’s own Lockhart TSCM kit, introducing threats and search.  Practical experience will include using Lockhart TSCM, and sweeping of a room.

Length – 3 days

Venue – KSL office, Northampton

Places 2-4

Next Date – November 21st – 23rd 2023 


This course is the entry-level of two TSCM courses designed to train practitioners to carry out sweeps.

Learning outcomes: 

  • To provide students a basic understanding of threats from eavesdropping
  • To provide an understanding of how to discover threats from eavesdropping
  • To give students the ability to perform a basic TSCM search
  • To give students the ability to use Lockhart TSCM equipment, and introduce other equipment

Who should attend? 

The course is directed toward anybody with an interest in, or remit to, defend against threats from espionage, with little or no background in TSCM.  The course is aimed towards people whose intention is they will be protecting their own infrastructure, but can also be beneficial as a top-level management overview to understand the threats and possible countermeasures with the view to implementing measures to protect against them.

Advanced TSCM

This goes into a lot more detail, includes foundation theory, more detailed attack information and tradecraft for undertaking commercial sweeps.  Practical experience will include using a range of different types of equipment on the market, and sweeping in several different types of room.

Length – 5 days

Venue – KSL office, Northampton

Places – 4-6

Next Date – October 2023

This course goes into considerably more detail than the TSCM Introduction course, with more background and depth as to how and why people attack – ‘attack and defend’ techniques, allowing the candidate to have better knowledge and understanding of what they are looking for.  Training will involve a range of equipment to find devices, not just Lockhart TSCM.

This course would involve practical, scenario-based sessions. It would allow the candidate to plan and conduct a physical and electronic inspection.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • To provide students a thorough understanding of threats from eavesdropping
  • To provide understanding of how to discover threats from eavesdropping
  • To give students an ability to perform more in-depth TSCM search
  • To give students practical experience sweeping in a variety of environments
  • To teach students to use a broad range of sweeping devices commercially available

Who should attend?

The course is directed toward people intending to become practitioners of TSCM; those who will sweep for eavesdropping devices, either for themselves or others.  The course is geared to those with some experience in attack or sweep already, or those who have attended the TSCM Introduction course previously. Please contact us to check eligibility for this course.

Lawful Interception to Intelligence 

Length – 10 days (5 days basic, 5 days advanced)

Venue – KSL office, Northampton

Places – 2-8

Next Date – Available on request

The training aims to provide officers with a greater understanding of Lawful Intercept methodology as an effective investigative tool that offers a unique insight into the planning and thought processes of those involved in criminal and terrorist activities.  It delivers an understanding by participates in how to convert intercepted product into actionable intelligence.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To provide a greater understanding of the methodologies used by Law Enforcement Agencies
  • To provide a greater understanding of the methodology used by organised criminal groups in countering the threat posed by LI
  • To provide a greater understanding of intelligence and evidential gain through effective LI
  • To develop the skills to maximise the intelligence gained through effective LI
  • To consider LI intelligence as an opportunity to support other investigative techniques, operational security, and risk management

Technical Threat Awareness

More details to follow.

Border Security

More details to follow.

Covert CCTV Deployment 

More details to follow.

Perimeter Security 

More details to follow.

The purpose of the Threat Awareness Course is to introduce managers to all the concepts that lead to high and sustained levels of security.


Learn how to evaluate and categorise threats to National Security from external actors and mitigate against them with our Threat Awareness Course.  This provides an understanding of the philosophy behind securing borders, examining technical equipment and practical/logistical solutions.


This course will teach you how CCTV cameras work on a technical side, and how to covertly install equipment on the practical side.


Learn how to assess threats to Critical National Infrastructure or a corporate business site, and aims to teach you how to secure it from unwanted outside attack.

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