Protect your borders.  All of them.

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Electronic border posts are the future.


The SST, Surveillance Sentry Towers provide a Command & Control Centre full operational situational awareness of all border posts within their range.

A combination of long-range ground radar, thermal imaging, visual cameras, wireless sensors and covert SIGINT collection equipment can be deployed in a fully customised manner with a range of connectivity and power options.

Even the mast itself can be customised, either built on a fixed high-threat cabin or full portable on a rugged, purpose-built trailer.

The SST fits all CONOPS and all budgets.

Airport/Seaport/Land Border Systems

The Border Control Identity system takes passport and passenger biometric information and cross-references them with Watch Lists managed by any relevant LEA/Intelligence
Agency. The system advises security and immigration officials should any action be necessary to stop people at the border.

The system can be deployed at airports using new or existing security infrastructure, and also deployed at sea ports and on land borders. All borders may be checked in real-time using the same central system, all joined-up and connected. Within seconds a criminal or terrorist may be added to Watch Lists used on live border checks in every single port in a country.


Handheld Biometrics
A portable hand-held passport and biometric checking device can be used by mobile teams such as on road checkpoint teams. This may be used where communications networks are
sparse, caching Watch Lists and scanned data until communications resume and it can be synchronized.