Protect your borders.  All of them.

Airport/Seaport/Land Border Systems

The Border Control Identity system takes passport and passenger biometric information and cross-references them with Watch Lists managed by any relevant LEA/Intelligence
Agency. The system advises security and immigration officials should any action be necessary to stop people at the border.

The system can be deployed at airports using new or existing security infrastructure, and also deployed at sea ports and on land borders. All borders may be checked in real-time using the same central system, all joined-up and connected. Within seconds a criminal or terrorist may be added to Watch Lists used on live border checks in every single port in a country.


Handheld Biometrics
A portable hand-held passport and biometric checking device can be used by mobile teams such as on road checkpoint teams. This may be used where communications networks are
sparse, caching Watch Lists and scanned data until communications resume and it can be synchronized.

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Our Border Security systems give you tailored biometric verification and collection tools for every use and environment.

Modern day migration is both prolific and constant, and identifying and keeping track of criminals and terrorists is incredibly difficult yet imperative.

Airports today are very well secured, but it is often too easy for someone to travel unchecked between countries by road or sea.

Joined-up working is commonplace in the Western world and is strongly encouraged everywhere.  Sharing criminality and terrorism intelligence and people movement information is designed into the heart of our Border Security systems, giving you the power to implement everything necessary with ease.

Secure All Borders

By checking and controlling all ports, the movements of a suspect may be tracked in and out of the country. By interfacing the system with other ID systems through the country, or deploying hand-held readers in hotels and other venues throughout the country, they may by tracked into, around and out of the whole country.

Migrant Registration

Sometimes foreign travelers, along with migrants, do not have passports or ID cards. It is even more necessary to begin taking their details if they are being allowed to enter or remain in your country. It is possible to take the biometric data (photograph, Iris, fingerprint) and create an entry which can be later cross-references by Law Enforcement/Intelligence Agencies (e.g. from scene of crime forensics). That biometric data can be cross-referenced with any other known database to check whether they genuinely have never entered your country before possess an identity document.

Facial Recognition

The face biometrics cross-referenced with a facial-only Watch Lists Facial image taken at border control post is cross-referenced on-demand with passport photograph, and image stored centrally for the subject – removes any border official’s doubt Excellent performance despite partial occlusions of the face, use of hats,  scaves, glasses, facial hair and changes of facial expression, and moderate rotations of the face.