From our experience of attacking rooms covertly and working closely with government Technical Countermeasures teams we designed the centrepiece of our TSCM equipment; Lockhart.

The Radio Signal Detector and Analyser is a broadband signal detector which displays its results in both amplitude and time domains, offering an entirely new method of detection and analysis.
Based around a state-of-the-art logarithmic amplifier it is especially useful for detecting and identifying pulsed signals. Furthermore, the internal analysis software will identify Time Domain Multiple Access signals in real time. This enables GSM transmissions, very commonly used for cheap, quick plant eavesdropping devices, to be quickly identified and located, as well as identifying Bluetooth and DECT transmissions. Version available with audio output.

Radio Signals
Detector & Analyser

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures equipment is expensive and requires operation by skilled technical personnel. It is often useful to supplement regular full searches with easier to use equipment. The Lockhart collection of devices helps operators uncover hidden eavesdropping devices by alerting to their egress methods upon a search.

The time domain display feature common to the Lockhart TSCM devices allow them to be used as portable “sweeping” devices for searching rooms prior to meetings or as a permanent monitor of a room to detect if hostile devices are being brought into a room following a professional TSCM sweep.

All devices use standard AA batteries, available all around the world. Standard one-year warranty applied to all equipment.

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Optical Signals
Detector & Analyser

Detection of optical emissions which may contain intelligence is straightforward using the new Lockhart Optical detector. Based around state-of-the-art Indium Gallium Arsenide and Silicon sensors the detector will capture emissions up to 1.7μm - well above the capability of silicon sensors alone.
Visible light and near-IR signals are detected by conventional silicon sensors to give coverage of all likely emitting sources. The signals are displayed in a unique rolling time-domain format coupled with a spectrum analyser which will give clear indication of any modulation content of the signals. It is also equipped with an audio output to give the operator audible warning of signals and signal strength.

Conducted Signals
Detector & Analyser

The Lockhart Conducted Signal Detector and Analyser will detect high frequency signals on infrastruture wiring. It provides an easy to use capability for scanning mains and data cabling to identify unwanted or hostile signals.
It comprises a broadband detector with a frequency response exceeding well beyond 10MHz enabling it to detect signals which cannot be detected with broadband field-strength meters. The Detector will display its output both in time and frequency domain using a split screen.
With a DSP-based Fast Fourier Transform Spectrum Analyser it has a dynamic range of 80dB and sees clearly even the smallest carrier signals. The time domain display clearly shows the pulsed signals which the analyser may find difficult.

Surface Scanner

The Lockhart Surface Scanner assists the physical search by providing a visual means to identify plaster rework and pinholes. Using low-power led technology the ergonomically designed scanner makes detailed searching effortless.