The Induction Loop Analyser is class leading high-accuracy test equipment designed for measuring the performance of Induction Loops installed underground.

Inductive Loop Analyser

Induction Loops

Induction Loops, or Ground Loops, installed underground are used in many applications including vehicle statistics, parking sensors, barrier and traffic light triggers.

Following the installation of a ground loop, it is essential to test it is performing correctly. The Induction Loop Analyser is an essential tool for Installation Engineers or contracted parties to ensure the work is undertaken effectively and quickly in the highway environment.

Just as roads wear with use, ground loop cabling installed under the road surface also deteriorates with time. It is important to check these periodically to ensure connected systems perform correctly and service is maintained.

A third diagnosis function provides an integral Frequency Spectrum Analyser covering the common Induction Loop frequency ranges allowing the user to check for interfering signals should a problem be found. By connecting an optional extendable Loop Search Probe the device can also quick and easily locate hidden or obscured Induction Loops underground.


The device is lightweight and fitted with a shock-protection housing and rear stand for hands-free use. Battery powered, the analyser runs on standard AA batteries available Worldwide. An auto-standby feature prevents it running flat when not in use and the high resolution display is also back lit for night work.

Induction Loop Analyser


The handheld Induction Loop Analyser is supplied with removable and replaceable 50cm long test leads which connect directly to a ground loop.

Simple controls navigate immediately to a summary screen to show the real time Inductance, Resistance and all-important ‘Quality Factor’ value indicating the overall quality of the loop. These measurements can be read off the unit instantaneously across a range of typical frequencies.

A second function allows the unit to provide a absolute value measurement of inductance change to assess and compare loop effectiveness when a vehicle is driven over the ground loop.

Supplied with a 12-month warranty and 12-month Calibration Certificate.