A range of Traffic Counting Systems and accessories for Smart City solutions.

We manufacture roadside equipment cabinets designed to safely and securely hold a range of Smart City collection equipment in the public domain, providing protection from adverse weather conditions and resistance to vandalism.  Cabinets are manufactured from 3mm aluminium and finished in an attractive  and durable powder coat in a range of colours.

At the lower end of the range is the Haldo Pillar Cabinet.  Tall and slim it is designed to house a PS6120 10Ah battery and a basic Traffic Counter, but is equally able to hold other small sensor equipment.  The cabinet is opened by sliding up and off the top of the housing, secured with a single common-key lock.

The next cabinet in our range is a Solar Pedestal cabinet, featuring a 12W solar panel on its flat top.  It can contain 45 litres of storage in a cube mounted on a pole in the ground.  The single front door features a common-key lock.

Our Roadside Cabinet for larger equipment also features a solar panel mounted on its flat top.  It has two shelves in addition to the bottom part of the cabinet, and a connection panel fixed with easy-to-remove thumb-screws, customised for the application.  A single front door features two common-key locks protecting the 108 litres of equipment space inside.

The largest in our range of roadside equipment cabinets is our TM Cabinet, with a much larger 207 litres of storage volume within.  There are earthing straps for both doors provided for mains-supply applications, and two solar panels fitted to the top for standalone battery applications.  Two shelves and a thumbscrew -fixed connection panel provided as with the roadside cabinet.  The TM Cabinet can be supplied as a single door model or with a door either side.

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Equipment Cabinets

Traffic Counter

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Equipment Batteries

We supply a range of batteries commonly used in roadside equipment cabinets, the most  common of which are held in UK stock:

   PowerSonic PS6100F1

   PowerSonic PS6120FP

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Inductive Loop Analyser

Following the installation of an underground inductive loop it is essential to test it is performing correctly.  The Induction Loop Analyser is an essential handheld tool for Installation Engineers or contracting parties to ensure the work is undertaken effectively and quickly in the highway environment.

The three modes are simple to navigate around, showing the real time Inductance, Resistance and all-important ‘Quality Factor’ value indicating the overall quality of the loop on the first screen.

A second function allows the unit to provide a absolute value measurement of inductance change to assess and compare loop effectiveness when a vehicle is driven over the ground loop.  A third function provides an integral Frequency Spectrum Analyser covering the common Induction Loop frequency ranges allowing the user to check for interfering signals.

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