A range of Traffic Counting Systems and accessories for Smart City solutions.

Smart City
Traffic Counting

Designed specifically for the Traffic industry, our Induction Loop Analyser provides a handheld device to test and measure under-surface Inductive Loops used for counting traffic.

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Smart City
Traffic Counter Access

Full turnkey Smart City implementations giving full situational awareness across the entire city from a central Command & Control centre.  Reroute traffic, respond to emergencies, get ahead of noise and pollution issues before a complaint is received - and respond to incidents efficiently by controlling remote assets.

Smart City
Video Compression

Transporting large HD video streams between sites is an expensive task, often requiring dedicated links.  Now it is possible to reduce the size of this by up to 95% whilst retaining a much higher quality of image in real-time.  This creates a huge cost-saving in transmission data, and

adds capability by allowing cameras to be placed where they otherwise wouldn't due to lack of connectivity.

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Smart City
Airport Security

Providing Smart Airport solutions for managing security across the whole infrastructure to operate more effectively and efficiently.

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